First And Foremost, Acupressure Triggers The Brain To Release Endorphins, So The Ear For A Minute As You Breathe Deeply.



For better decision-making you need to think better and in that process your breath holds the key. Your breath is one of the best tool to control your mind and awaken that super higher consciousness within. Right way of breathing rank higher than right food water and exercise. Welcome all. I’m Jyoti Khatri, holistic health and wellness expert. Due to stress and irregular lifestyle habits most of the time we breathe irregular and shallow. Hardly utilizing a tenth of lung capacity. Normal breathing rate is about sixteen breaths per minute but when you are under stress your breathing rate double. In this video I’m going to show you how to breathe in right way all the time, will introduce long deep breathing technique and discuss its benefits.

Watch the video till the end as it covers the essentials of right way of breathing that helps to improve your life and boost your brainpower magnificently. Subscribe now to the Samaya yoga youtube channel so that you don’t miss any of these amazing videos that helps to improve your life naturally. Let’s get started. one of the ancient secrets of Yogi’s for healthy and long life is to consciously reduced breath rate of about four breaths per minute.

Ancient Yogi’s said that in order to master or have control over your own time of death bring your breath rate down to four breath per minute. It sounds difficult but remember it’s a gradual process, first work on consciously bringing your breath to eight times per minute and then four. Scientific study findings report that 80% of disease are stress-related. Poor breathing increases the stress and other illnesses. One of the most common physiological response of the body towards stress be it physical or psychological is to increase the breath rate. Shallow upper chest breathing with faster breath rate leads to chronic stress and tension which weaken the nerves and act as a root of many illnesses and disease. That is why along with good healthy diet and exercise one should pay more attention to their breath too. Before introducing the breathing technique let’s see the benefits of long deep breathing. Long deep breathing is a perfect way to relax and calm yourself down. It comes under the active form of relaxation which will help to retune and reset your brain to make correct decision automatically in difficult situations.

When you fill the lungs to maximum capacity you are feeding your electromagnetic field, This helps to revitalize and readjust your magnetic field and protects you from negativity. It also reduces the risk of illnesses or accidents. You will feel instant energy boost due to the lifeforce (prana) in oxygen and helps to pump the spinal fluids to the brain thereby giving you great clarity positivity, increases alertness and awareness. It helps in breaking subconscious undesirable habit patterns and addictions. Reducing the sense of insecurity and fear. Your brain becomes super strong and you can condition it to learn or develop new things faster. As the lung capacity increases so does the secretion of the pituitary gland which is known as a master gland and your mind will begin to develop the intuition of power.

This breathing technique helps to cleans the blood. Regulate the body’s pH level and you will be able to handle a stressful situation at ease. It helps reduce and prevent toxic will they are caused by not clearing the mucus lining of the small air sacs of the lungs. By the practice of this breathing, it helps stimulate the production of chemical endorphins in the brain which eliminate the tendency to depression. By using this breathing technique it activates and cleanses nerve channels. Helps in releasing blockages in Meridian energy flow, speed up the healing process and promote physical and emotional health. It not only will restore the aura but also gives the ability to control your negative thoughts and emotions. Now let’s move on to the technique of long deep breathing how to do long deep breathing efficiently long deep breathing is simple complete and proper efficient breathing technique, using the lungs properly the way it is made to be used.

It is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing. The diaphragm is a circular barrier of muscular tissue that separates the lung cavity from the abdominal cavity. The breathing technique is simple. Let’s begin by exhaling first. As you exhale your abdomen contracts or shrinks. This pushes up on diaphragm creating a pressure in the lung cavity which causes the air to be expelled. When you inhale your abdomen expands the muscles of the abdomen draw the diaphragm down This downward movement of the diaphragm creates a vacuum in the lung cavity so air automatically flows into the lungs. To understand it better you visualize a balloon when you feel the air in, it expands. In the same way when you inhale your abdomen that is your navel area should expand. Likewise when you draw the air out of the balloon it shrinks similarly as exhale abdomen should contract or shrinks. Let’s try it again. Place your right hand on your abdomen now exhale and contract your abdomen to the fullest as you do it you can observe the moment of your hands it goes in.

Now as you inhale your abdomen expands you will see your hands moves up. It is always best to empty out your lungs first before you inhale so that more oxygen can come inside the body. Practice it as often as possible for as long as you can. I hope you liked this video. Hit the like button down below. Be sure to share it with your friends or anyone who might benefit from this video. Also subscribe to Samaya yoga YouTube channel to get more amazing videos like this. Comment down below what you want to see next. I’ll see you in the next video.

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